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TERM (Command)

The TERM command enables users to specify different terminal types to handle terminal characteristics.



TERM {type | parameters}



type specifies the terminal type. The type must be one of the terminal types defined in the terminfo database. If you wish to specify a known terminal type, e.g. vt220, as a different name, then this can be achieved by linking the new name, e.g. V, to the terminfo entry for vt220.

parameters are specified as follows:

tlength, tdepth, reserved, reserved, reserved, reserved, plength, pdepth.


terminal line length
terminal display lines per page
printer line length
printer display lines per page
reserved for future use



An SP-ASSIGN may result in the printer line length and lines per page being reset because of the WIDTH and DEPTH parameters associated with the specified queue's formtype.



TERM vt220

Terminal characteristics for terminfo type vt220 are envoked.


TERM 132,,,,,,112,30

The terminal line length is set to 132 columns, any paged output to the printer will be formatted into 112 columns and 30 lines per page.

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