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jBASE 5.7 Manual

Welcome to jBASE!  jBASE is a dynamic, high-performance and flexible NoSQL database that gives you the freedom to design your applications around your business needs, not the capabilities of your database.  The Manual introduces key concepts in jBASE, presents the programming and query language, and provides operational and administrative considerations and procedures.

jBASE 5.7 Release Notes

For summary of new features in jBASE 5.7, see Release Notes for jBASE 5.7.

Getting to Know jBASE

jBASE provides the following documentation to help developers and administrators new to jBASE.

Getting Help with jBASE

If you're looking for help, you can reach out the following ways:

jBASE Licensing

To gain an understanding of jBASE licensing, please review jBASE 5 Licensing Guide.

To obtain an evaluation version of jBASE, please email multivalue@zumasys.com.

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