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The REBIULD-INDEX command will rebuild indexes on a jBase file.

rebuild-index -Options filename { {indexname {indexname ...}} | *}

Where Options can be:

Rebuilds ALL indexes in the file
-r Rebuild ALL files in the directory specified
-v Verbose mode, one period display for every 1000 records rebuilt

This command will rebuild the index definitions. It can be used in the following circumstances:

  • Following the corruption of the index file
  • Following a file restore using jrestore . This is detailed later.
  • Following the creation of an index using create-index.

By default create-index will build the index and will not require a rebuild-index command to be performed.

Option -a means you want to rebuild all the indexes defined for the file. This can also be achieved by specifying * as the index name. Otherwise you must specify on the command line one or more index names to rebuild.

Option -r will rebuild all files in the directory name specified. This is a useful operation after using, for example, jrestore to restore your database and then you can use the option -r to rebuild all files in a certain directory.


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