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Allow dynamic files (HASHD/JD) to support the network friendly flag

Previous Release Behavior

Dynamic files (aka HASHD or JD files) cannot be used when mounted over a network file system such as NFS or Samba. Therefore they were excluded from having any network friendly flags, as this was meaningless.

However, the use of the FILELOCK statement only works on files with network friendly flags as this causes JEDI to use OS locks for item locks instead of jDLS.

So, if you used the FILELOCK command on a dynamic file when jDLS was running then you would get this error.

Error 22 during FILELOCK_ERROR to file ./jdfile
Enter I to Ignore, R to Retry , Q to Quit :

Current Release Behavior

You can now create a dynamic file as a network friendly file as you can other files, e.g.

$ create-file myfile network=true
[ 417 ] File myfile]D created , type = JD
[ 417 ] File myfile created , type = JD

$ jchmod -t myfile
./myfile +B -C +L -M +N -S +T -R

You can also use jchmod with +N and -N to change the settings.

$ jchmod -N myfile 
$ jchmod -t myfile
./myfile +B -C +L -M -N -S +T -R

$ jchmod +N myfile
$ jchmod -t myfile
./myfile +B -C +L -M +N -S +T -R

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