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Add the JBC_INCLUDE_PATH and JBC_INCLUDE_FILE environment variables to the compiler.

Previous Release Behavior

Neither of these environment variables existed. However, the environment JBC_USER_INCLUDE is a similar environment variable but this went "missing" when the new pre-processor was introduced and the new JBC_INCLUDE_FILE is of similar, but enhanced, functionality.

Current Release Behavior

The JBC_INCLUDE_PATH environment variable allows you to pre-define one or more directories / folders where you can search for an INCLUDE file. The directory/folder names are delimited by : (colon) on Linux/AIX and by ; (semi-colon) on Windows.

For example:

export JBC_INCLUDE_PATH=$HOME/include:/usr/include/myincludes

Means that the compiler, when a INCLUDE statement is seen, will search $HOME/include and then /usr/include/myincludes to find the INCLUDE'd file.

The JBC_INCLUDE_FILE is one or more source names that will get automatically compiled prior to the usual jBC or jabbascript being compiled. It is a list of files delimited by : (colon) on Linux/AIX and by ; (semi-colon) on Windows.

For example:


is the equivalent of adding these two lines of code to the top of every source that is compiled.


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