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Add option to force the BASIC/CATALOG/DECATALOG commands to require an explicit item-list or "*"

Previous Release Behavior

Issuing BASIC BP or CATALOG BP, without specifying an explicit list of records or a preceding select-list, would compile/catalog all programs including those that were not intended to be compiled/cataloged.

Current Release Behavior

The BASIC, CATALOG and DECATALOG commands can now be configured to require an explicit item-list. A "*" can be used to indicate that all programs should be processed, e.g.


This behavior is activated by setting compiler_requires_explicit_item_list = true in Config_EMULATE under the emulation section defined by the JBCEMULATE environment variable. When this configuration option is set then issuing any of those commands without an item-list will produce an error, e.g.

jsh ~ -->BASIC BP
 ** Error [ 203 ] **
What is the record name ??
jsh ~ -->

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