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Enhancements to the jShell dot-stacker

Previous Release Behavior

The dot-stacker functionality and command set were extremely limited, the only commands initially available were .l, .c and .x, and the .c command was not fully functional.

Current Release Behavior

jsh home -->.?

Username-based command stack.
Maximum number of stack entries:    100
Current number of stack entries:     42

.?          Display help
.a# text    Append 'text' to entry '#'
.c#/s1/s2/* Change 's1' to 's2' in entry '#', * = change all
.d#         Delete entry number '#'
.f text     Find first occurrence of 'text', move to top of stack
.l          List first page
.ln         List first 'n' lines
.lm-n       List entries 'm' through 'n' inclusive
.m#         Move entry number '#' to top of stack
.p# text    Prepend 'text' to entry '#'
.r#/s1/s2/* Replace 's1' with 's2' in entry '#', * = replace all
.s text     Search and display all entries with 'text'
.{x}#       Execute entry '#' [if 'x' is omitted then '#' is required]

If '#' is '0' or omitted then implies entry 1.

The command stack is configured with the JSH_COMMAND_STACK environment variable (see patch 5_60582 issued on jBASE 5.6.3) 


export JSH_COMMAND_STACK=username,100

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