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jBC: Parenthetical expressions misinterpreted as DIMensioned arrays instead of format strings 

Previous Release Behavior

0001     val = "xyz"
0002     width = 10
0003     val = (val) ("L#":width)

Attempting to compile this program would error out with: 

Variable val was assumed to be a DIMensioned array but no DIM statement was found
jbccom -f -d -abp BASIC_2.b failed , command returned a code of 1
jcompile: BASIC_2.j deleted
jcompile: BASIC_2.c deleted
jcompile: Returned an error code of 8
 ** Unable to compile source mtest.b **
Return code = BASIC_ERROR

because the compiler assumed that the variable val was a DIMensioned array.

The program would have had to be restructured as: 

0001     val = "xyz"
0002     width = 10
0003     format = "L#":width
0004     val = val format

Current Release Behavior

Complex format expressions can be used freely and will not be interpreted as DIMensioned arrays.

This  will only affect the compile where it is already expecting a format  specifier, i.e. variable assignments and PRINT/CRT/DISPLAY statements.

It is advisable to place the expression that is being formatted in parenthesis to avoid ambiguities.

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