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Spooler enhancement to be able to assign the port number range for jlp (print job) and jspprint (print queue) processes 

Previous Release Behavior

Printer jobs would always take the next available (lowest) port number, locking out users with dedicated port numbers. 

Current Release Behavior

Printer  jobs will use the port range defined by a new environment variable,  JBC_SPOOLER_PORT_BASE, port range 5000-6000 being the default and lowest  possible range. 

This new environment variable defines the base port number for jlp and jspprint processes. 

For example: 

set JBC_SPOOLER_PORT_BASE=6000     [Windows]
export JBC_SPOOLER_PORT_BASE=6000  [Linux/Aix/Sun]

is the equivalent to setting the port number range 6000-7000 when launching a print job. 

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