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On D3 systems, where we have case insensitivity, there was a problem with mixed case item ids and jQL statements.  

Previous Release Behavior

Consider a jQL statement like this: 

    SELECT HG.CONS WITH colldate GE "01/06/17" AND WITH 68 NE ""

In his example, both 'colldate' and '68' had an index. 

The  problem was, because of case insensitivity, the application wrote back  the item with different cases. For example, let us assume there is an  item id called GREG where colldate is GE "01/06/17", but 68 is "". All well and good so far. The index for 68 will add the item id for GREG as having a key of "". 

Now, edit item GREG and change attribute 68 to ND. We write it back as greg. This means the key for "" removes GREG and adds to the ND key the item id greg.  

The index is correct. 

If you do this, it works 

    SELECT HG.CONS WITH colldate GE 01/06/17
    nnnnnn Items selected
    mmmm items selected

But when you do both together, jQL tries to see if the IDs selected with colldate exist in the key for 68. This was failing because of case insensitivity. 

Current Release Behavior

The above scenario produces the correct result and compares correctly when using the NO.INDEX modifier. 

Note that the -c option is no longer used -- we pick that up from the emulation by default. 

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