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jBC: Add new version of FOLD() with 3 parameters for D3 compatibility 

Previous Release Behavior

The FOLD() function always used @AM as the delimiter. 

Current Release Behavior

The FOLD() function now accepts a 3rd parameter which is the delimiting character. If the delimiter is "" then the we defaul to @VM. 

0001     s = "Space the final frontier"
0003     folded = FOLD(s, 10, "")
0004     CRT OCONV(folded, "mcp")
0006     folded = FOLD(s, 10, ";")
0007     CRT folded

This displays: 

Space the]final]frontier
Space the;final;frontier

Note that the current 2-parameter version of FOLD() has some ideosyncracies, including allowing a field to be generated the wrong width. This new 3-parameter version of FOLD() fixes these problems, however the old 2-parameter version will continue to work as before for backward compatibility. 

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