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jQL: Enable caseless sorting of attribute data.

Requires case_insensitive_jql_sort_attributes = true, which is set by default for the D3 emulation. 

jQL still only sorts using the columns specified, for example: 

  • LIST FILE BY *A0 BY *A1 *A1 

Will look very different from: 

  • LIST FILE BY *A0 BY-EXP *A1 *A1 

In the first statement, only the first MV of *A1 will be used in the sort, using BY-EXP cause all items in *A1 to be sorted caseless. 

Previous Release Behavior

All sorts where alpha numeric, e.g. McMURPHY would sort after MURPHY. 

Current Release Behavior

When sorting, all attribute data is sorted caseless, e.g. McMURPHY = MCMURPHY = mcmurphy 

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