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Method: $locate()


The $locate() method is used to find a value in a Dynamic Objects array, optionally specifying a case insensitive search.


position = array->$locate(value, {1})

If the optional second argument is "1" (or any positive integer) then a case insensitive search is done.

Return value

The relative index position of the value or -1 if the value was not found.


001     philosophers = new array
002     philosophers->$append("Theaetetus")
003     philosophers->$append("Charmides")
004     philosophers->$append("Parmenides")
005     philosophers->$append("Protagoras")
006     case_insensitive = @false
007     value = "Socrates"
008     gosub find_philosopher
009     value = "Theaetetus"
010     gosub find_philosopher
011     case_insensitive = @true
012     value = "parmenides"
013     gosub find_philosopher
014     crt philosophers->$tojson()
015     stop
017 find_philosopher:
019     pos = philosophers->$locate(value, case_insensitive)
020     if pos ge 0 then
021         crt "Found ":dquote(value):" at position ":pos:"."
022     end else
023         crt dquote(value):" does not exist in the philosopher's array so we are adding it."
024         philosophers->$append(value)
025     end
026     return


"Socrates" does not exist in the philosopher's array so we are adding it.
Found "Theaetetus" at position 0.
Found "parmenides" at position 2.


Remember, arrays are zero-based so if the first element in the array is located then the position returned will be 0 (zero).

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