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jBASE Release Notes


  • PN5_60812 - Allow MR conversion formatting to match jBASE 3.x behavior
  • PN5_60815 - Paragraphs process inline prompts on commented lines
  • PN5_60820 - jQL: IF/THEN/ELSE A-correlative does not process embedded conversions
  • PN5_60822 - jQL: MV associations not correctly processing input/output conversions
  • PN5_60823 - Segmentation violation using the jBC CLEAR statement in a tight loop
  • PN5_60824 - Dynamic Objects: New methods $merge() and $locate
  • PN5_60828 - Add new options to the jrf command to be able to convert the case of a file
  • PN5_60835 - Support the D3 file syntax of "account,file,"
  • PN5_60838 - Add option to force the BASIC/CATALOG/DECATALOG commands to require an explicit item-list or "*"
  • PN5_60840 - PREWRITE trigger unable to amend the record on the file the trigger is on
  • PN5_60841 - jBC: Error when passing a non-numeric to the STR() function
  • PN5_60842 - Spooler: SP-LIST does not pause between Queue and Job reports
  • PN5_60844 - Add new options to display all configuration settings and to output in JSON format
  • PN5_60850 - jQL: No records returned when an index is created on an ITYPE
  • PN5_60853 - Compiler fails to note a variable declared as a dimensioned array
  • PN5_60867 - jQL process exits prematurely when a jBC subroutine exits from within a query

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