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Coding Corner

Tips and tricks for programmers using jBASE, along with frequently asked questions for people new to jBASE.

  • VISUAL STUDIO CODE PICK BASIC EXTENSION Suggestions on how to modernize your coding practices and get away from that 80 x 24 box.
  • ORGANIZING PROGRAM COMPILED OBJECTS Flexibility is a Dual-Edged Sword jBASE is wonderful in the way that it allows th
  • BEST PRACTICES FOR BEING PICK-LIKE Introduction¬† There is nothing inherently wrong with keeping separate object spac
  • The jDLS Lock Table This article describes the jDLS lock table and guidelines for correctly sizing it
  • Calling a Subroutine from a Dictionary Item Description It is possible to have dictionary items call subroutines. This can be
  • jBASE Sockets jBASE offers some internal functions to gain access to Sockets. ¬†jBASE socket fun
  • jBASE for MultiValue Developers To follow along with the jBASE Training Class videos, you should follow these ste
  • CATALOGING & RUNNING PROGRAMS/SUBROUTINES Understanding BASIC/CATALOG on jBASE jBASE differs to other MultiValue platforms
  • jBASE MD EXPLAINED jBASE and the MD / VOC file Unlike other MultiValue platforms jBASE does not rely