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Telnet: Update terminfo definitions 

Previous Release Behavior

Wyse & ADDS terminfo for Windows were incomplete and contained errors. Some VT100 / VT220 functions were missing. No terminfo for Wyse & ADDS was supplied for Unix. Terminals which use LF for cursor-down were treating LF as CR in the jShell. Terminfo backspace key definition was overridden with ^H in Windows. No way to send terminal initialization string, which can be used to fix the Wyse ambiguity between backspace and cursor-left. 

Current Release Behavior

Modified the jsh and TERM commands to work nicely with Wyse & ADDS terminals. 

Wyse 50, Wyse 60, ADDS Viewpoint, ADDS 4000 terminal definitions now work correctly with jBASE, including jShell cursor movement and command stack. The TERM command can be used to initialize the terminal. New terminfo source can be used in Linux/Unix since most lack Wyse/ADDS definitions. 

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