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Spooler: Create new FILE device type to send output to an Operating System file 

Previous Release Behavior

There was no intrinsic method for depooling a print job directly to an operating system file. The only way it could be done was with the SP-EDIT command with the (I) option. 

Current Release Behavior

This release features a new FILE device type. This new device type can be utilized from the SP-STATUS menu, the SP-CREATE command or the SP-DEVICE command. 

To create a new form queue with a FILE device type: 

SP-CREATE queuename FILE device

To change (or update) an existing form queue: 

SP-DEVICE queuename FILE device

The device can be: 

  • a full file path 
  • a relative file path 
  • just the name of the file, in which case it will be placed in the current directory 

The device can contain Special Character Strings, converted as follows: 

String  Converted to:
======  =============
$EnvVar The value of the specified Environment Variable
        Do NOT use the Windows %enviromment_variable% syntax!
%a      Account name
%u      Username
%q      Queue name
%j      Job number
%p      Port number
        This is the port number the queue is running on, not the user's port number.
%d      Internal date
%t      Internal time
%k      Creates a unique Key"
%m      Returns 1/1000 seconds past midnight (1/10 seconds for ROS)
%h      Hostname
%s      Directory separator ("/" or "\" depending on the platform)
%%      A literal "%" (a single "%" is ignored)
chars   All other characters are taken literally

Spaces (and strings of spaces) in the device name are converted to a single underscore "_" when the a job is despooled.
Special Character Strings are case insensitive (%A is the same as %a).


SP-CREATE TEXT FILE /tmp/file.txt

"/tmp/file.txt" will be overwritten each time a job is despooled to the TEXT form queue.

Creates files in the current directory. The file name will consist of the queue name concatenated with the print job number, for example, QJ42.

Creates files in the jBASE "tmp" directory with a unique key.
SP-DEVICE FILE2 FILE %sdbms%sFTP%s%a_%q_%j

Changes the device in the FILE2 form queue from whatever it was to create files in the "/dbms/FTP" directory with filename consisting of the "account name", "form queue name" and "spooler job number".
SP-CREATE TABLE FILE $JBCRELEASEDIR%stmp%stable_%j_%a_%u.txt"

This form queue will create a file in the "$JBCRELEASEDIR/tmp" directory ("%JBCRELEASEDIR%\tmp" on Windows) something like:


    "table", ".txt" and all "_"s are plain text
    "42" is the spooler job number
    "heartofgold" is the account name
    "marvin" is the user name

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