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5.7.6 Release Notes

  • jBASE 5.7.6 Release notes This release includes various internal bug fixes and the following enhancements a
  • PN5_60927 Description Check if the command being cataloged clashes with another command fou
  • PN5_60929 Description Add the JBC_INCLUDE_PATH and JBC_INCLUDE_FILE environment variables t
  • PN5_60930 Description T-LOAD / T-DUMP counters limited to 6 digits Previous Release Behavio
  • PN5_60931 Description BASIC with full path on Windows eliminates the backslashes Previous R
  • PN5_60932 Description jBTP: Behavior of PH-START using T option misleading on Windows Previ
  • PN5_60937 Description L#0 returns entire string, some emulations require it to return null
  • PN5_60938 Description Segmentation violation when running SQLSELECT from an active select o
  • PN5_60939 Description jBASE Patch Number truncated in SYSTEM(1021) and in jdiag output Prev
  • PN5_60942 escription Unexpected SORT results on PH-HISTORY  Previous Release Behavior Sorti
  • PN5_60948 Description Allow dynamic files (HASHD/JD) to support the network friendly flag P
  • PN5_60951 Description PROCREAD / PROCWRITE to fail if immediate parent process is not a PRO
  • PN5_60952 Description jBC: Remove the limit imposed by INPUT on DATA stack Previous Release
  • PN5_60954 Description The new pre-processor was not recognising the '!' character as a pote
  • PN5_60961 Description Add milestones to jlogdup. Previous Release Behavior Due to unidirect
  • PN5_60962 Description Fix Unix multisession/websession licensing to recognize IPv6 addresse
  • PN5_60963 Description ACCOUNT-SAVE on Windows doesn't save files with Windows reserved char
  • PN5_60964 Description Util: ACCOUNT-SAVE duplicates saving distributed files Previous Relea
  • PN5_60965 Description FORMLIST 0 TO var caused segmentation violation if run with an active
  • PN5_60966 Description CLEAR-BASIC-LOCKS and LIST-EXECUTION-LOCKS were not functioning. Prev
  • PN5_60969 Description Enhance the reporting and recovery of errors caused by the fork() com
  • PN5_60967 Description Enhance the maximum Q-pointer resolution error message to include the
  • PN5_60968 Description Add a 5th parameter to the LOCATE() function to specify the start pos
  • PN5_60971 Description Add KEEP_ALIVE property to JRClient JConnection class Previous Releas
  • PN5_60972 Description PH-STATUS facelift Previous Release Behavior The PH-STATUS command's
  • PN5_60970 Description DELETE-FILE DICT filename deleting multiple files.  Previous Release