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5.7.4 Release Notes

  • jBASE 5.7.4 Release Notes This release includes various internal bug fixes and the following enhancements a
  • PN5_60894 Description listf -xml fails on Linux Previous Release Behavior The listf -xml co
  • PN5_60899 Description New options to jbase_agent to enable debugging of server side jBC cod
  • PN5_60900 Description Add extensions to Dynamic Objects per RFC 7159. Previous Release Beha
  • PN5_60902 Description Distributed Files: Add new error messages to enable failures to be be
  • PN5_60904 Description Spooler corruption on shutdown Previous Release Behavior Issuing an i
  • PN5_60907 Description CREATE-FILE TYPE=JBC needs to create a dictionary for the source code
  • PN5_60908 Description Enhance the DECATALOG command to optionally delete the intermediate o
  • PN5_60911 Description Prevent a program aborting due to a SIGTERM being sent to the process
  • PN5_60913 Description Remove the restriction which prevents 2 or more copies of jlogdup res
  • PN5_60914 Description GET-LIST in a Proc produced incorrect results in D3 emulation Previou
  • PN5_60910 Description Add jDLS status to jdiag output when using -s or -v option (show serv
  • PN5_60909 Description Update jBaseIsAdminUser in jwinnt.c to eliminate the CheckTokenMember
  • PN5_60916 Description jQL: Optimize select-list output when the list contains a large numbe
  • PN5_60915 Description Transaction Journaling: Prevent a segmentation violation when one of
  • PN5_60917 Description Spooler: SP-CREATE Fnn creates form queues with the wrong queue numbe
  • PN5_60919 Description Multi-session licenses limited to 255 sessions and up to 255 licenses