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Enhance jpq, the Proc processor, to allow external calls to paragraphs

Previous Release Behavior

The ability to chain to or call paragraphs from a proc did not exist.

Current Release Behavior

Paragraphs can now be executed from a proc in 2 ways:

(filename paragraph)     chain to a paragraph
[filename paragraph]     call a paragraph and continue execution of the proc

where filename is the name of the file where the paragraph is stored.

For example, given this proc in the MD (or VOC):

001 PQ
002 S2
003 (PROK

and this paragraph, stored in a file called PROK which, for this example, holds both Procs and Paragraphs:

001 PA
002 DISPLAY "Better a little which is done well, than a great deal imperfectly." -- Socrates

The proc will chain to the paragraph and then termninate:

jsh ~ -->EXEC PATEST
"Better a little which is done well, than a great deal imperfectly." -- Socrates

jsh ~ -->

Likewise, a paragraph can be called within a proc as in:

001 PQ
003 ODone!

The proc will continue execution after the PATEST paragraph has been executed.


Paragraphs are orthogonal to the proc. In other words, any output from the paragraph does not affect any of the proc buffers; it is an independent process from the rest of the proc.

Paragraphs can exist in any file and can then be run with the para command. For example, if the above paragraph is stored in a file called SCRIPTS then it can be executed with:


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