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jBASE 5.7.3 Release Notes


  • PN5_60867 - jQL process exits prematurely when a jBC subroutine exits from within a query
  • PN5_60868 - Add try/catch/throw constructs to Dynamic Objects
  • PN5_60869 - CREATE-ACCOUNT does not respect JEDI_PREFILEOP when it creates the MD
  • PN5_60870 - New dot-stacker command to clear the stack
  • PN5_60871 - jBC: Increase default INPUT buffer to 32k
  • PN5_60872 - jEDI: F-pointers do not allow comments after the "F" on line one
  • PN5_60873 - Enhance jpq, the Proc processor, to allow external calls to paragraphs
  • PN5_60875 - READNEXT KEY does not process all records in Universe or Prime emulations
  • PN5_60877 - Prevent process abort when restoring over an existing file with indexes
  • PN5_60879 - Prevent process abort with Tn,m conversion
  • PN5_60880 - Create 64-bit build of telnet/transcmd with a registry option to set the code page
  • PN5_60881 - GET-LIST in D3 emulation changes characters in the select-list
  • PN5_60882 - jQL: Extra blank lines appear on subvalued data that exceeds the defined column width
  • PN5_60883 - The jtic command produces a segmentation fault on Linux
  • PN5_60887 - Compiler: Make GOSUB stack depth configurable 
  • PN5_60888 -  A previously cataloged subroutine could get its shared library reused by a subsequent catalog of a different subroutine
  • PN5_60891 - Add -D option to the BASIC command to compile programs with a compiler directive 
  • PN5_60892 - New environment variable to ignore EDICT flags and jDP_Options
  • PN5_60893 - @SELECTED not getting set when doing an EXECUTE with a RTNLIST
  • PN5_60895 - Support sub-valued fields in a secondary index
  • PN5_60896 - jshow -f filename misleading 

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