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Add $merge() and $locate() as internal methods to dynamic objects

Previous Release Behavior

Methods did not exist. You had to do an iterator in your code to support the equivalent of $merge() and $locate()

Current Release Behavior

You can use $merge() to merge one object into another. The objects types must match, either both must be object or both must be arrays -- you can't merge an array into an object.

You can use $locate() to find a string in a dynamic array (not in an object). The result is -1 for the string not found, or a positive value showing the relative index value in the array if the string was found.

This is an example of merging object 'source' into 'destination'

debian-~/tmp1: cat test4.jabba
    source = new object
    destination = new object
    source->name = "greg"
    source->weight = 112
    source->shame = @true
    destination->postcode = "AL1 4JU"
    destination->town = "Hucknall"
* Merge 'source' into 'destination'
* Display the results. 'destination' will now have all the combined properties.
    print destination->$tojson(1)
debian-~/tmp1: jcompile test4.jabba -o test4
debian-~/tmp1: ./test4
        "postcode":"AL1 4JU",

This is an example of using $locate() with and without case sensitivity.

debian-~/src/International/development/jbase: cat test7.jabba
    arr = new array
* Look for Ian
    rc = arr->$locate("Ian")
    if rc lt 0 then print "Ian is not in array" ; stop
    print arr[rc]:" is in array at element ":rc
* Do a case insensitive test
    rc = arr->$locate("IAN",1)
    if rc lt 0 then print "Ian is not in array" ; stop
    print arr[rc]:" is in array at element ":rc
debian-~/src/International/development/jbase: jcompile test7.jabba -o test7
debian-~/src/International/development/jbase: test7
Ian is in array at element 1
Ian is in array at element 1

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