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  • Tape Commands Introduction Introduction to tape operation. T-ATT Attachs or opens a tape device
  • Tape Description  jBASE provides support for the following tape devices. The device co
  • T-BCK Description  The T-BCK command will backspace the tape device one block at a time
  • T-CHK Description  The T-CHK command reads the label and data blocks from the tape devi
  • T-DUMP Description  The T-DUMP command dumps selected file records to the tape device. T
  • T-ERASE Description The T-ERASE command erases a cartridge tape and re-positions it at th
  • T-LOAD Description  The T-LOAD command selectively loads records from a tape device form
  • T-RDLBL Description  The T-RDLBL command will read the first block from the tape device,
  • T-READ Description  The T-READ command will read and display data from the tape device o
  • T-RETENSION Description  The T- RETENSION command retensions a cartridge tape by fast forward
  • T-REW Description  The T-REW command rewinds a tape device to beginning of tape, (BOT).
  • T-UNLOAD Description  The T-UNLOAD command requests the tape device to rewind and unload t
  • T-WEOF Description The T-WEOF command writes an end of file mark, (EOF), on the tape dev
  • T-FWD Description The T-FWD command will forward space the tape device one block at a t
  • T-STATUS Description The T-STATUS command displays the current status of attached tape dev
  • T-DET Description  The T-DET command detaches one or more previously attached tape devi
  • T-ATT Description  The T-ATT command is used to attach or open a tape device. The devic