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The RESUV utility can be used to restore data from a UVBACKUP tape.

 By default, the restore process will do the following in order:

  1. Restore from tape
  2. Delete .Type1 files
  3. Delete empty sub-directories.
  4. Run PortBas on directories with source in them
  5. Convert VOC entries to MD entries

The -e -r -t -p and -m options can suppress some of these phases. The -R , -E , -T , -P or -M option can cause ONLY those phases.

resuv {-Options} {Targetdir}
suppress check on directory being empty
debug display on
suppress empty directory delete
suppress conversion of VOC entries to MD entries
suppress calling PortBas on all source files
suppress Restore from Tape phase
suppress the resize of all jBASE files
suppress deletion of ".Type1" files
verbose mode
delete empty directories
convert from VOC records to MD records
keep all the object files i.e. those that end in .O
run PortBas on all source files
restore from tape
resize all jBASE files
delete all .Type1 files

resuv creates a directory in the target directory using the name of the account in the uvbackup. The usual default block size for a uvbackup save appears to be 8192. Also the uvbackup format provides a different label type to the standard SMA version and so the label parameter should be configured to NONE.



When doing a uvbackup on a Windows platform, specify a relative path to avoid problems caused by the translation of drive characters.

The LABEL=NONE option is required when doing the T-ATT.

Use of the -rev7 option when doing the uvbackup should no longer be necessary.

The -M option will change references to dictionary files in attribute 3 of F-pointers to the jBASE syntax. For example D_CUSTOMER is changed to CUSTOMER]D. In addition, trailing blanks are removed from attribute 1 of items that commence with "PQ" or "PQN".



mkdir restoredir
Create restore directory
cd restoredir
Change to restore directory
Attach device with label identification suppressed.
resuv –v .
Restore data to current directory.

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