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The libutils shared library is provided to enable users to code terminal independent code to handle keyboard input. For example: 

* Include key definitions
INCLUDE jCmdKeys.h
* Initialize command key strings
CALL CommandInit
TimeOut = 150 ;* Set timeout value deciseconds
    * Get Next Command Value
    CALL CommandNext(RetNo, RetString, TimeOut)
    * RetNo should match numbers in include/header file
        CASE RetNo = cmd_cursor_up
           CRT "CURSOR UP"
        CASE RetNo = cmd_cursor_down
           CRT "CURSOR DOWN"
        CASE RetNo = cmd_cursor_left
           CRT "CURSOR LEFT"
        CASE RetNo = cmd_cursor_right
           CRT "CURSOR RIGHT"
        CASE RetNo = cmd_alpha_numeric
        CASE RetNo = cmd_timeout
           CRT "TIMEOUT"
    * Output the actual string returned
    CRT "RetString :":OCONV(RetString,"MCP.")

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