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The jshow command can be used to find jBASE files or programs. The command takes the general form: 

jshow {Options} Name {Name ...}


  • Name is the Name of file, subroutine, program or dll/shared object,  
  • Options can be:
display subroutine names in dll/shared object (Note that under Unix, this must be the complete path to the shared object)
display compile-time and source file
display general information about the system
file name only search
display this help screen
ignore case insensitivity and do a case sensitive search
program name only search
subroutine name only search
verbose mode



When performing a jshow -c on a program/subroutine you may see (DUP) as the display shows multiple occurrences. This is normal for non-subroutines (program) in that programs - when cataloged - produce a binary executable and a shared library (the latter is for efficiency when executing or running a the jshell).

However, you can also see (DUP) if the program/subroutine has bee cataloged into multiple bin/lib directories. (See CATALOG)

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