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  • Tools CHAR Displays a character conversion table. ENCRYPTION File encryption and decryp
  • jprof Description  The jBASE profiling tools jprof enables developers to analyze applic
  • CHAR  Description The char utility displays a character conversion table, providing de
  • ASCII Code Chart Dec Hex Oct Bin Typed Char Viewedin HTML HTMLCode Meaning 0 0x0 00 00000000 ^@ NU
  • ERRMSG Description  The errmsg tool displays the platform related error message text whe
  • jdiag Description  The jdiag utility is used to display information about the current j
  • jcover Description jcover programs provide a mechanism to generate statistical informati
  • jfb Description  The jfb command is used to produce source code listings in a standar
  • jgrep Description The jgrep command is used to search for strings in jBASE files or dir
  • JRM JMV JDIR Description  Many commands are built-in to the Windows command shell and so can b
  • jsetkey (jBASE 3 only) Description  The jsetkey utility is used to display, set or remove jBASE environm
  • jshow Description  The jshow command can be used to find jBASE files or programs. The c
  • jtic Description  The program is executed as: jtic -Options DescriptionFile Where Opti
  • keys / jkeys Description  The keys utility displays the ASCII equivalent as well as the hex an
  • libutils The libutils shared library is provided to enable users to code terminal independ
  • MW42 Description  The MW42 tool is designed to assist with diagnosing issues which rel
  • jexport Description The jexport command generates output of delimited values using jQL sy
  • TANDEM This command is not supported.