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The jfb command is used to produce source code listings in a standard format for listing to the terminal or printer. The format of the command is as follows:

jfb -Options FileName Itemlist (Options

where options may be: 

-A or (A
alternate indenting of CASE statements.
-C or (C
indent comments with the source code not column 1
-Ln,m or (Ln,m
set indentation to n spaces, with initial set at n*m
-Mnn or(Mnn
set maximum number of indentations to nn, default 10
-N or (N
do wait for keyboard input between pages
-P or (P
send output to the current printer queue
-Snn or (Snn
set the percentage split of code to comments to nn%
-V or (V
display indentation with + character


For example, to list the file batch.b in sub-directory source to the printer, indenting by four spaces per level and starting non-labeled code at 8 spaces from the left margin:

jfb -L4,2 -V source/batch.b

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