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Speed up retrieval of records by attributes rather than by key, jBASE provides the facility to build secondary indexes on these fields.

  • Introduction to Secondary Indexes Overview  Within jBASE there exists the facility to create secondary indexes agai
  • Indexes and JQL Commands Description jBASE supports a limited mechanism whereby jQL commands such as SORT
  • Using Subroutine in Index Definitions Description  It is possible to call a jBC subroutine from an index definition. Th
  • General Index Information Definition Description External Representation This part describes how the index
  • Indexes APPENDIX A This appendix deals with the description of how to build the index key from the r
  • Indexes APPENDIX B A standard time and date format exists on many operating systems including Unix a
  • LIST-INDEX Description  This command is used to display to the screen details of all the cur
  • QUERY-INDEX Description  This command allows you to select or count a list of record keys. It
  • KEY-SELECT This command is identical to query-index and is provided for backwards compatibil
  • VERIFY-INDEX Description  This command will verify the integrity of an index definition, in so
  • Multi-value Support When an index is created, by default jBASE assumes it is a multi-value index. Con
  • JQL Usage of Secondary Indexes Once an index has been created with create-index , and assuming the index data is
  • In-Sync Definition The indexing of a file in jBASE comprises three parts The actual file data The in
  • Universal Coordinated Time A standard time and date format exists on many operating systems including Unix a
  • External Representation of Data In jBASE there is a concept of internal and external representation of data. Thes
  • CREATE-INDEX Description  The CREATE-INDEX command creates indexes on jBase files create-index
  • DELETE-INDEX Description  The DELETE-INDEX command deletes indexes on jBase files delete-index
  • REBUILD-INDEX Description  The REBIULD-INDEX command will rebuild indexes on a jBase file. rebu
  • indexes Overview Indexes overview. Backup and Restore Backup and restore considerations.
  • READPREV Description This statement is syntactically similar to the READNEXT but it works
  • jBC Statements and Functions for Indexes INDICES Returns the index information for the specified file. OPENINDEX Opens the
  • SELECT (with index) When the SELECT statement is used with an index variable (created with the OPENIN