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Indexes and JQL Commands


jBASE supports a limited mechanism whereby jQL commands such as SORT or SELECT can automatically use any valid secondary index to reduce the search time. This does not involve creating a specific DICTionary item. If for any reason the index cannot be found, or is not up to date (e.g. awaiting a rebuild-index command) then the jQL command will ignore the secondary index and retrieve the information in the usual manner.

At present only a single search pattern can be used in a jQL command. As an example a file will have an index built onto attribute 23 , the customer last name like this:

jsh->create-index CUSTOMERS lastname BY 23

Assuming there exists a DICTionary definition called LASTNAME that looks like this:

001 A
002 23
003 Customer Lastname
009 T
010 20

and there is need to select all customers in that file whose last name equals "COOPER]". The jQL statement would be as :


In this example the index definition is "out of sync", awaiting a rebuild-index command to be performed. Therefore the SELECT would achieve the result by looking through the entire file. If the rebuild-index command is run as:

jsh-> rebuild-index CUSTOMERS lastname

and the SELECT is re-execute , then instead of scanning through the entire CUSTOMERS file, it will look through the index definition "lastname" instead and will therefore execute considerably quicker.

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