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Creates a select list from a record in a file. It takes the general form: 

FORM-LIST filename record-key {(n}


  • filename is the name of the file which contains record-key.
  • record-key is the name of the record to be converted into a select list.
  • n is the field number in the record from which the list is to start. If n is omitted the list will start from field 1.

The command will open file filename, read the record record-key and create a select list using each field in the record as a separate element for the list. The list formed becomes the active select list and will be inherited by the next jBASE command or program.


If record key is not specified, the user will be prompted to supply one. 



200 records SELECTED

A record named APRIL.SALES in file SALES.LISTS contains a list of customer keys. Each key occupies a separate field. The FORM-LIST command generates an active list of customers. You can then issue a subsequent command such as LIST CUSTOMERS which will use the active list.

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