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Deletes a saved list. It takes the general form: 

DELETE-LIST {listname {account-name}}


  • listname specifies the name of the list to be deleted. If you do not specify listname, the default list will be deleted.
  • account-name is the name of the account from which the list was saved. If you do not specify account-name, the current account is assumed.



List "A.SALES" deleted

If d3_list_processing = true is set in the $JBCRELEASEDIR/config/Config_EMULATE file then the command deletes lists from a file or the POINTER-FILE, and it's use may be as:

DELETE-LIST {list1 list2 list3 ...} {(options}


DELETE-LIST {DICT} filename id1 {id2 id3 ...} {(options}

where Options may be :

  • A = All Lists are in the POINTER-FILE, useful if the list name is the same as a file name
  • = Suppress all messages

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