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  • List Processing List storage How saved lists are stored AND-LISTS AND two or more save-lists toge
  • List Storage Description  The jBASEWORK file is a temporary file which contains information sp
  • COPY-LIST Description  Copies a saved list to another list or to another file. It takes the
  • DELETE-LIST Description  Deletes a saved list. It takes the general form:  DELETE-LIST {listn
  • DIFF-LIST Description  Creates a list from two stored lists. The new list contains all the
  • EDIT-LIST Description  Invokes an editor session to allow for creation, modification , merg
  • FORM-LIST Description  Creates a select list from a record in a file. It takes the general
  • GET-LIST Description  Retrieves a previously stored list and makes it the current active (
  • LIST-LISTS Description  Displays a list of all select lists currently available in the commo
  • QSELECT Description  Generates a select list from the fields of specified items and makes
  • SAVE-LIST Description  Saves the currently active select list to a named list record. It ta
  • SEARCH Description  The SEARCH command is used to create a list of all records in a file
  • SORT-LIST Description  Sorts a saved select list. It takes the general form:  SORT-LIST {li
  • XSELECT Description  Generates a select list (or display) of all keys in a file which do