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Background Processing

  • jBTP Description jBTP is an acronym for jBASE Background Task Processor. Several jBASE
  • jstart Description  The jstart utility was originally provided to circumvent a problem w
  • PH-ALLOCATE Description  The jBASE PH-ALLOCATE command allocates a port number for use by jBA
  • PH-CLEAR Description  The jBASE PH-CLEAR command clears the jBTP log and history file. The
  • PH-DELETE Description  The jBASE PH-DELETE command deletes a port number allocated for the
  • PH-KILL Description  The jBASE PH-KILL command stops the specified jBASE background task
  • PH-LINES Description  The jBASE PH-LINES command displays all allocated jBASE background t
  • PH-RESUME Description  The jBASE PH-RESUME command resumes a suspended jBASE background tas
  • PH-START Description The jBASE PH-START command starts a jBASE background task process. Th
  • PH-STATUS Description  The jBASE PH-STATUS command displays status and history information
  • PH-SUSPEND Description  The jBASE PH-SUSPEND command suspends a jBASE background task proces
  • ZH Description  The jBASE ZH command can be used to start a jBASE background task pr
  • Z Description  Starts a new thread like PH-START.  Background tasks started with Z