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jBASE allows you to customize the behavior of error messages to have similar behavior to other multivalue database systems.


To change the behavior of the PERFORM_NULL error:




  1. Edit the '$JBCRELEASEDIR/jbc.init.err file', locate the line that starts with 'PERFORM_NULL' and replace the string 'EXIT7' with 'NOPRINT'


  1. Rebuild the 'jbcmessages' file:


jmakeerr . jbc.init.err (O
TO: (jbcmessages


To allow this change to persist after upgrades, copy 'jbc.init.err' (this file is called 'jbcinit.err' on Windows) and the 'jbcmessages' file to another directory outside of JBCRELEASEDIR and set the JBCERRFILE environment variable to the new location of 'jbcmessages'. For example, if you place those files in a directory called '/home/globals/' then…


            export JBCERRFILE=/home/globals/jbcmessages


Place this setting in some global profile where all users will pick it up.


Any future changes to error messages should be done to 'jbc.init.err' in the new location (refer to the documentation in 'jbc.init.err') and then run 'jmakeerr' as above.

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