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Compile Introduction

The BASIC command is provided as a front end program to the jBASE jbc compiler. The jbc compiler converts the BASIC code into "C" and invokes the native "C" compiler to convert the "C" source code into a machine native object file.


The BASIC command creates the object record as $PROGRAM1 in file BP. The BP file can be any file type supported by jBASE, whether it is a hashed file, directory and so on.

The steps used by BASIC command are as follows:

  • Any supplied record keys with a dollar/pound prefix or a .o or .obj suffix are ignored.
  • The source is moved to the current working directory as a temporary file called BASIC_nn.c, where nn is the users port number.
  • The source is compiled using the jbc command.
  • The .o or .obj file is then moved back to the original source file with a dollar/pound prefix and the .o or .obj suffix removed.
  • The command then cleans up any scratch files it created.

Note: If the original record key had a .b suffix then the .o or .objsuffix is not removed and the dollar/pound prefix not prepended.

A jBASE utility jCompileFile is available which invokes the BASIC compiler and produces an output and summary report, together with warnings and error lists. The syntax of jCompileFile is as follows:

jCompileFile -Options SourceFileName
direct output and report to printer
direct output and report to screen

The conversion report, output, warning lists and error lists are stored in the PortSave directory as jbc_rep_FileName, jbc_out_FileName,   jbc_warn_FileName and jbc_err_FileName respectively. The jbc_err_FileName can be used to create a select list to supply to JED to enable correction of errors or problems. If executed again the jCompileFile will only attempt to compile records in the jbc_err_FileName list else the jbc_warn_FileName if either list is not empty. e.g.

FORM-LIST PortSave jbc_err_FileName
JED FileName
jCompileFile -v FileName

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