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  • CUSTOMIZE ERROR MESSAGE BEHAVIOR jBASE allows you to customize the behavior of error messages to have similar beha
  • Emulation Description Emulation support is provided by the Config_EMULATE file in the confi
  • Portbas PortBas is a migration tool used to parse BASIC source code. PortBas scans each s
  • Performance The majority of legacy applications tend to be launched from a "logon" proc and u
  • Multiple Account Restore The M-A-R (multiple account restore) utility can be used to restore data in the f
  • Troubleshooting Alternatives to T-READ If you are experiencing trouble accessing the tape device
  • Compile Compiling jBASE Programs Introduction Introduction to the compilation process Key
  • Compile Introduction The BASIC command is provided as a front end program to the jBASE jbc compiler. T
  • ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES jBASE uses a number of environment variables to modify jBASE behavior. Suitable d