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The JBCRELEASEDIR environment variable may be used to identify the directory where jBASE is installed. However, if JBCRELEASEDIR is not defined, jBASE will determine the directory where it is executing from and internally set JBCRELEASEDIR to that location. This occurs before searching for a profile.

Once JBCRELEASEDIR has been established, jBASE will search for a JSON configuration profile in the following order:

$JBASE_JSON_REPO/jbase_user_<<user name>>.json (Unix)
%JBASE_JSON_REPO%\jbase_user_<<user name>>.json (Windows)

$HOME/jbase_user.json (Unix)
%USERPROFILE%\jbase_user.json (Windows)

$JBCRELEASEDIR/config/system.json (Unix)
%JBCRELEASEDIR\config\system.json (Windows)

Once a JSON config profile is located, it is used to configure jBASE. Only the first profile found is used.

If no JSON config profile is found, or if the file is corrupt or otherwise invalid, jBASE environment variables are used to configure jBASE.

If no JSON config profile is found, and the JBCRELEASEDIR environment variable is not defined, jBASE will automatically set up a default configuration based on the directory where it is executing from. In this case, a warning will be displayed when starting jBASE, since the default settings may not be the what the user expects. It is recommended that jBASE be configured either using a profile, or by setting appropriate environment variables.

When processing the JSON config profile, jBASE internally sets environment variables based on the settings in the JSON file. If the environment variable corresponding to a particular setting is already defined, the environment variable takes precedence over the JSON config setting. For example, if the JBCDATADIR environment variable is set before starting jBASE to /usr/dbms, and the JSON config file property jbase_data_files is set to /opt/jbase, the JBCDATADIR environment variable is not altered and remains /usr/dbms.

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