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This is a list of commands available in the spooler editor, and their description. 

Command Description
A Repeat last locate command
B Move to end of print job
CP Move to current print position of a suspended print job
EX  Exit and edit next print job in list
EXK  Exit and skip editing remaining print jobs in list
FD Delete print job if job is a printed hold file
L{n} list next n, default one, lines
L{n}”string”  Locate string from current position in next n, default max, lines
Nn move forward by n, default one, lines
NnP  move forward by n, default one, pages
P  list next page, 22 lines
SP  despool print job from next line
SPA despool print job from next line, but wait for alignment
T move to top of print job
Un move back n, default one, lines
UnP move back n, default one, pages
W  list previous page, 22 lines
return  display next line


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