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Creating Remote Pointers


As an alternative to creating STUB-files on the client, remote pointers (R-pointers) can be used to access remote files. The idea of R-pointers is based on the same principles as the STUB-files . They contain basic information about the server host and the remote file.

R-pointers are defined as an entry inside the SYSTEM file, which again may be accessed with a Q-pointer from the master dictionary (MD/VOC) file. 

In the SYSTEM file, a record must be created with the following information:  

0001 R 
0002 <Account name entry in Remote SYSTEM file>
0004 <Hostname of Remote machine>


In the MD file, a record must be created with the following information: 

0001 Q 
0002 <Local system account name entry>
0003 <Remote filename>

As can be noticed, an R-pointer does not point directly to a remote file but instead it points to an account entry in the remote SYSTEM file. This entry on the remote SYSTEM file must again have a local pointer to the remote file. 

Environment variables JEDIFILENAME_MD and JEDIFILENAME_SYSTEM have to be set accordingly on client and server side. 


The account name in the SYSTEM file on the client, must also exist in the SYSTEM file on the SERVER, pointing to a valid account location.

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