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Remote Files

  • CREATING STUB FILES Description  In order to access a remote file, a STUB file is required on the cli
  • Creating Remote Pointers Description  As an alternative to creating STUB-files on the client, remote point
  • ACCESS SECURITY Description Access security can be enabled by adding the following line to the jn
  • jRFS EXAMPLE Description  This is an example of how to configure jrfs with Linux Server and a
  • JRFS Quick Start guide Description This guide covers a basic configuration of jRFS. It describes a confi
  • jRFS CONFIGURATION FILES Description  The jRFS Server and client both use configuration files stored by de
  • JQL AND REMOTE FILES Description  Normally, when a jQL statement is run on a remote file, it will scan
  • REMOTE FILE POINTERS Remote file pointers is one mechanism by which a client application can access fi
  • REMOTE FILE SERVICE Description  The jRFS process must be running on the target system before access
  • jCONNECT LIBRARY Unix The jConnect library provides for two mutually exclusive security mechanisms
  • CLIENT CONNECTIONS Description  Client connections can be configured to map client connect request c
  • CONFIGURATION FILES Templates for all jRFS configuration files can be found in the "config" subdirect
  • Advanced jRFS Configuration Configuring Additional jRFS Services (Unix/Linux only) This document provides the