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Distributed Files

  • PARTITION ALGORITHM Overview  Each distributed file uses a partition algorithm to determine in which
  • CREATE-DISTRIB COMMAND The CREATE-DISTRIB command is a used to:     1) Maintain the parts of a distribut
  • DISTRIBUTED FILES EXAMPLES In this comprehensive example, we create a distributed file called DISTCUST using
  • DELETE-DISTRIB COMMAND The DELETE-DISTRIB command detaches (de-references) a component part file from a
  • LIST-DISTRIB COMMAND The LIST-DISTRIB command displays all partition information pertaining to a distr
  • DISTRIBUTED FILES PREREQUISITES  In order to make good use of this literature, one must have an ins
  • Distributed Files index Overview How distributed files function. Part Files The components of distributed
  • PART FILE Description  The components of a distributed file collection are called part file
  • Creating Distributed Files Description  A distributed file is created using the CREATE-FILE command with the
  • Considerations for Distributed Files Description  Although jBASE does not restrict directly populating part files, rec
  • Attaching and Detaching Part Files Description  Files are attached to a distributed file using the CREATE-DISTRIB co
  • Distributed Files Overview Description  A Distributed file is a collection of existing files used primarily