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jBASE can handle data in a variety of forms. Natively it uses dynamic hashed files, distributed files and remote files.

  • DYNAMIC FILES Description  The new file type allows files to be created without specifying a si
  • CREATE-FILE Description  The CREATE-FILE command enables the user to create a new file for us
  • COPY Description  The jBASE COPY command allows the user to copy specific or selected
  • File Integrity Description  The jBASE hash files systems have been found to provide a very high
  • jstat Description  The jstat utilities provides statistical information about jBASE Has
  • jcheck Description The jcheck utility is intended as a tool to enable identification of
  • RENAME-FILE Description  The RENAME-FILE command allows the user to rename a file, its dictio
  • jcomp Description  The jcomp utility provides a mechanism to compare records from the s
  • CREATE-TRIGGER Description  The CREATE-TRIGGER ( aka CREATE.TRIGGER ) command is used to specify
  • Trigger API The mechanism provided to define the action that takes place when a database trig
  • jRF Description  The jrf utility provides automated facilities to resize and convert
  • INTRODUCTION TO TRIGGERS Database triggers provide users with the capability to monitor updates to the dat
  • jBASE FILES Document Scope jBASE can handle data in a variety of forms. Support is built in f