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Running jBC Programs


Before a jBC program can be run it must be cataloged after it is compiled with the BASIC command. This is the preferred way to run a jBC program (excluding subroutines, functions and methods). The CATALOG command creates an executable file that can be launched in the same way as any other executable:

  • from the command line
  • from a Unix script file (e.g. .profile)
  • from a Windows .cmd or .bat file
  • from a Windows shortcut
  • from a PROC
  • from a PARAGRAPH
  • using the jBC EXECUTE / PERFORM statements
  • using the jBC ENTER or CHAIN statements


The RUN command

jBASE also provides the RUN command to launch an executable. This exists solely for compatibility with older systems. Because there is a resource overhead in using RUN we recommend RUN is not used. Note that using RUN does not remove the requirement to CATALOG jBC programs. RUN can be used as :

RUN SourceFileName ProgramName (options)

The SourceFileName is used as a place holder only, so specifying a different source file does not change the version of the program that is run.

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