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This function decrypts strings. It takes the general form:

DECRYPT(string, key, method) 


  • string specifies the string to be encrypted.
  • key is the value used to encrypt the string. Its use depends on method.
  • method is a value which indicates the encryption mechanism to.

The ENCRYPT and DECRYPT functions that are part of jBASE BASIC  now support the following  cipher methods (Defined in JBC.h)

  • JBASE_CRYPT_GENERAL General-purpose encryption scheme
  • JBASE_CRYPT_AES algorithm (AES256) 
  • JBASE_CRYPT_AES_BASE64 algorithm (AES256, BASE64 encoded)
  • JBASE_CRYPT_ROT13 Simple ROT13 algorithm. (Key not used)
  • JBASE_CRYPT_XOR11 XOR MOD11 algorithm. Uses the first character of a key as a seed value.
  • JBASE_CRYPT_RC2 RC2 algorithm
  • JBASE_CRYPT_DES DES algorithm
  • JBASE_CRYPT_3DES Three Key, Triple DES algorithm
  • JBASE_CRYPT_BLOWFISH Blowfish algorithm
  • JBASE_CRYPT_BASE64 (See below)

BASE64 is not really an encryption method, but more of an encoding. The reason for this is that the output of an encryption often results in a binary string. It allows binary data to be represented as a character string. BASE64 operation is not required but is performed in addition to the primary algorithm. e.g. JBASE_CRYPT_RC2_BASE64

ENCRYPT with this method is the same as a DECRYPT with method JBASE_CRYPT_RC2 followed by DECRYPT with method JBASE_CRYPT_BASE64.

DECRYPT with this method is the same as a DECRYPT with method JBASE_CRYPT_BASE64 followed by DECRYPT with method JBASE_CRYPT_RC2.

  • JBASE_CRYPT_RC2_BASE64 RC2 algorithm
  • JBASE_CRYPT_DES_BASE64 DES algorithm
  • JBASE_CRYPT_3DES_BASE64 Triple DES algorithm
  • JBASE_CRYPT_BLOWFISH _BASE64 Blowfish algorithm.

An example of use may be as follows:

0001     INCLUDE JBC.h
0002     cipher = JBASE_CRYPT_BLOWFISH_BASE64
0003     key = "Thunderbirds 2086"
0004     str = "This is the string to be encrypted"
0005     enc = ENCRYPT( str, key, cipher )
0006     CRT "Encrypted:" :enc
0007     dec = DECRYPT( enc, key, cipher )
0008     CRT "Decrypted: ":dec

The above will display as output:

Decrypted: This is the string to be encrypted

See also: ENCRYPT.


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