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The FOLD function segments a text string by replacing spaces with  a delimiter at positions defined by a length parameter. See Notes below for differences between the 2-parameter and 3-parameter versions.

FOLD(expression1, expression2{, expression3})


expression1 evaluates a string to be segmented.

expression2 evaluates to a positive integer that represents the maximum number of characters between delimiters in the resultant string. If a character string exeeds the length of expression2 then a delimiter will be inserted after expression2 characters have been reached.

expression3 is an optional single character used to delimit the segments. If this parameter is omitted the the delimiter will be an attribute mark. If more than 1 character is specified then only the first character will be used.

The FOLD function creates a number of sub-strings such that the length of each sub-string does not exceed the length value in expression2. It converts spaces to attribute marks except when enclosed in sub-strings and removes extraneous spaces.


Note that "^" represents an Attribute Mark and "]" represents a Value Mark.

q = "Smoking is one of the leading causes of statistics."
CRT FOLD(q, 7)

Output: Smoking^is one^of the^leading^&causes^of^statist^ics.

q = "Hello world"
CRT FOLD(q, 5, @VM)

Output: Hello]world

q = "Let this be a reminder to you all that this organization will not tolerate failure."
CRT FOLD(q, 30)

Output: let this be a reminder to you^all that this organization^will not tolerate failure.

q = "the end"
CRT FOLD(q, 0)

Output: t^h^e^e^n^d

s = "Space the final frontier"
folded = FOLD(s, 10, "")
CRT OCONV(folded, "mcp")
folded = FOLD(s, 10, ";")
CRT folded

This displays: 

Space the]final]frontier
Space the;final;frontier


The 3-parameter version of FOLD() is new as of jBASE release 5.6.2. The original 2-parameter version of FOLD() has some ideosyncracies, including allowing a field to be generated the wrong width. The new 3-parameter version of FOLD() fixes these problems, however the original 2-parameter version will continue to work as before for backward compatibility.

The 2-parameter version replaces spaces with attribute marks, CHAR(254). The 3-parameter version replaces spaces with value marks, CHAR(253), if and only if the 3rd parameter is null. See the last example above.

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