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The SEND statement sends a block of data directly to a device. This takes the general form: 

SEND output {:} TO FileVar THEN | ELSE statements


output is an expression evaluating to a string that will be sent to the output device (specified by FileVar). It is expected that the device has already been opened with OPENSER or OPENSEQ.
The SEND statement will append a newline sequence to the final output expression unless it is terminated with a colon ":" character.


As the expression can be any valid expression, it may have output formatting applied to it.
The SEND syntax requires you specify either a THEN or ELSE clause, or both. It executes the THEN clause if the data is without error. Else executes, the ELSE clause if the data cannot be sent.
View other sequential file operations for examples of use. 

See also: SENDX .

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