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The RETURN statement transfers program execution to the caller of a subroutine/function or to a specific label in the program. It takes the general form:

RETURN{TO label}




label must reference an existing label within the source of the program.

expression evaluates to the value that is returned by a user-written function.


  • The RETURN statement will transfer program execution to the statement after the GOSUB that called the current internal subroutine.
  • If the RETURN statement is executed in an external SUBROUTINE and there are no outstanding GOSUBs, then the program will transfer execution back to the program that called it via CALL.
  • The program will enter the debugger with an appropriate message should a RETURN be executed with no GOSUB or CALL outstanding.

The second form of the RETURN statement is used to return a value from a user-written function. This form can only be used in a user-written function. 

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