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PROCREAD is used to retrieve data passed to programs from a jCL program. It takes the general form:

PROCREAD variable THEN|ELSE statements

Where variable is a valid jBASE BASIC identifier, which will be used to store the contents of the primary input buffer of the last jCL program called.

If a jCL program did not initiate the program the PROCREAD will fail and executes any statements associated with an ELSE clause. If the program was initiated by a jCL program then the PROCREAD will succeed, the jCL primary input buffer will be assigned to variable and any statements associated with a THEN clause will be executed.


It is recommended that the use of jCL and therefore the PROCREAD statement should be not be expanded within your application and gradually replaced with more sophisticated methods such as UNIX scripts or jBASE BASIC programs.

An example of use is as: 

    CRT "Unable to read the jCL buffer"

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