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This is used as a diagnostic tool for applications, and allows a snapshot of the application to be dumped to an external file for later analysis. It takes the general form:

JBASECOREDUMP(expression1, expression2)

The program variables and CALL /GOSUB stack will be dumped.


expression1 shows the name of the operating system file to output the core dump to. It is possible to supply "" instead of a file name and jBASE allocates a filename of: /JBASECOREDUMP_nnnn_mmmmm, where nnn is the port number and mmmmmm is the process id.

expression2 is not used at present. Future versions will allow extra information to be selectively dumped. A null string is always returned from the function.

The output is in free style text format.

The function is called as:

PRINT "Please send the file ":FILE.NAME:" to support"

to output two files in the current working directory.  

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